Law School Predictor

Law School Predictor predicts your chances of being admitted to nearly 200 ABA-accredited law schools based on the applicant’s LSAT score and undergraduate GPA. LSP’s Matcher application can also identify reach, target, and safety law schools that you should target with your applications.

If you need to calculate your LSDAS GPA (the figure that law schools consider as your undergraduate GPA), visit our GPA Calculator.

Update Arriving Soon

An updated version of Law School Predictor is now slated for a November 2014 release. In related update news, an updated version of Med School Predictor is slated for November 25, 2014 release.

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Version 5.0 for Top 100 Law Schools Released

Check out the new version with updated data for the top 100 law schools. A major update for Law School Matcher is also planned. Updates for part-time programs and full-time programs (not ranked in the top 100) are also in progress. Updates from Version 4.1 to 5.0 – Updated admissions index formulas – Updated LSAT data – …

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New Versions Almost Here for LSP, MSP, and MBAPredictor!

Version 5.0 of Law School Predictor for top 100 law schools is set for an August 26 release, while the next public beta of Med School Predictor is set for a September 16 release (updated), and the next public beta of MBA Predictor is set for a September 30 release.

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New Release: Version 5.0 arriving Summer 2013

Real World Machine LLC is pleased to announce that Version 5.0 of Law School Predictor will arrive in Summer 2013. An exact date will be announced closer to the release. In addition to updated admissions data for all ABA law schools, we hope to incorporate improved prediction algorithms and possibly a beta version of an …

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Available: $12/Hour Job Involving Data Entry Project

Job Description: Real World Machine LLC, which publishes Law School Predictor, is looking for someone who would be willing to update admissions data for two of our projects (websites):  MBA Predictor (approximately 240 MBA programs) and Med School Predictor (approximately 170 MD and OD programs). Research involved should be minimal, and no knowledge or familiarity with our …

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October 2012 LSAT Scores Released!

Multiple law school applicants who sat for the October 2012 LSAT report that they have begun receiving their scores this afternoon via e-mail/online at the LSAC website. The curve appears to be -10 (i.e. you can miss up to ten questions and still get a score of 170). Hope everyone did well! Plug in your …

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October 2012 LSAT Score Release Contest

Win a $50 gift card simply by guessing the correct date and time that the October 2012 LSAT scores will first be released. The official release date is set for October 31, 2012, but scores are often released earlier than the official date.

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Good luck to everyone taking the Oct. 2012 LSAT!

Law School Predictor and Real World Machine LLC wish you the best (and a 180) when you take the October 2012 LSAT!

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