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Include only college-level coursework completed before earning a Bachelor's.  
  Semester Credit Hours Earned Quarter Credit Hours Earned LSDAS 4.0 Scale Letter Grade 100-Point Scale Five-Point Scale Four Passing Grades Three Passing Grades  
A+ 4.33 A+ 98-100 1+      
A 4.00 A 93-97 1 Highest Highest  
A- 3.67 A- 90-92 1-      
AB 3.50 AB          
B+ 3.33 B+ 87-89 2+      
B 3.00 B 83-86 2 Second Highest Middle  
B- 2.67 B- 80-82 2-      
BC 2.50 BC          
C+ 2.33 C+ 77-79 3+      
C 2.00 C 73-76 3 Third Highest Lowest  
C- 1.67 C- 70-72 3-      
CD 1.50 CD          
D+ 1.33 D+ 67-69 4+      
D 1.00 D 63-66 4 Fourth Highest    
D- 0.67 D- 60-62 4-      
DE or DF 0.50 DE or DF          
F or E 0.00 F or E Less than 60 5 Fail Fail  
Semester Credit Hours: *Failing grades include punitive withdrawals (i.e. withdrawal-failing) and failure for pass/fail classes.  
Total Semester Quality Points: **A passing grade in a pass/fail class is not calculated in LSDAS GPA.    
LSDAS Cumulative GPA:   ***One quarter credit hour counts as 0.67 of one semester credit hour.    
      ****If you retake a class, both the original grade and retake grade count, even if your school counts just the retake.  

    *****Study-abroad courses not appearing on your domestic institution's transcript are generally not included.  
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